Friday, September 24, 2010

Toronto Taiji Workshop Sep 2010 (Day 2)

  • Start the action with a split: push foot horizontally and hand goes diagonally, so we have 2 vectors.
  • Force always goes straight. Body action can turn. Our job is to separate body and force. 
  • Hollow the side, while maintaining the outside (structure).
  • Exercise: touch blocking coat - elbow goes back, knee goes forward; hand continues to point forward, the waist turns backward, at the very end, hammer it. Knees need to be complete straight, so that if someone kicks on your knee, your kua turns, and you fall to the floor, but nothing breaks.
    1. Extend the leg
    2. The energy goes to the heel of the extended leg, so you are already there.
    3. Land your toe without your entire body come up.
  • Taoist theory: It's not the same, but it's not different. Experiment done at time A is not the same as the same experiment done at point B. Unfortunately, I already forget how this theory is relevant to Taiji.

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