Sunday, March 24, 2013

Notes for Zhuo video

Notes for this video:

  1. Don't change the pressure on the contact point.
  2. Don't change the direction on the contact point.
  3. Don't move the contact point(s). Move body parts that are outside of the contact points.
  4. Practical Method system doesn't show a lot of applications because in order for the application to work, a lot of concepts need to come into play.
  5. A power action needs to be a lever.
This is a very important video.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Notes for Yilu Correction Paul Janssens Online Video

Notes for this video:

  1. 6:16 - Step back and twirl arms - Lock the front, and move the back
  2. 7:17 - Brush knee - Left just enough the catch the opponent. Too much inside will get myself into trouble.
  3. 8:15 - Straighten and touch the centre
  4. 9:23 - High pad on horse - Switch from the left kua being the front to the right kua being the front. (I am seeing "Adding one".)
  5. 17:27 - Flash the back - After you pull, put it right back into emptyness.