Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toronto Taiji Workshop Sep 2010 (Day 1)

  • Anchor the hands, pull from the front foot, mid section, shoulder, and elbow. On the way out, hand leads the elbow, shoulder, front kua, rear kua, rear knee, and rear foot. Extend the hand fully to the maximum, and then somehow the energy will reverse itself.
  • Everything comes from the foot.
  • Find the fixed spot on the opponent or point in space, then rotate around it.
  • Peg the rope 9 times, each section needs to be tight (with tension).
  • 2 S makes a figure 8, we perform 1 S, the other S is just the energy.
  • Cross hands: hands out and hit the limits (like walls), bring the shoulder to the kua by sinking the shoulders, the kua rotates down (another side of the kua actually rotates up at the same time).
  • Concept - Steal the beam, change the pillar: If you have 8 legs under a table top, you can remove two legs from one side, plant them at a different location, move the table top over to go on top of the two legs at the new location. When we move the table top, we are again pegging. Note that there is no concept of shifting in Practical Method.

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