Monday, February 27, 2017

Using a stick to understand lever

I saw one of Master Chen Zhonghua's videos how he used to points to hold up an opponent at first, and later added his waist to the middle of the two points to get the opponent to fall. Since I didn't have any one to work with at the time. I took a long stick to pretend it to be the opponent. I put my right hand at one end, my right thigh behind the middle, and the left foot at the other end. This allowed the stick to stay slanted. I tested the amount of power applied on the stick by releasing the hold from the left foot. When I put my waist at a point between the high end and the middle of the stick, there was more power on the stick than otherwise. A point to note is that when putting the waist on the stick, I do not collapse the right (front) kua.