Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rolling Over the Dot

Today, when I was practicing with Laipeng, I realized a bit more about rolling over a dot, which was a concept shifu told me in the first private lesson. Let's say the dot is the fixed point. It can be a point where the opponent doesn't want to move because that is his power source. It can be a point that I put pressure on and make sure that it does not move. Regardless of how it is created or found, it is a point that does not move. By keeping it not moving, we want to move around it, whether it is from the top down (vertically) or from one side to another (horizontally). By keeping my structure solid against the forces the opponent puts on me, I am trying to roll over that dot. It is like I put an object on the edge of the cliff, then get it over the edge and fall down the cliff. In fact, when I put the opponent on that edge, I am on that edge at the same time. However, since opponent is not really aware of the situation, when he starts falling, he can't save himself. I, on the other hand, can get out of it by rotating myself if I am below the opponent to begin with. If I am above him, he will fall first before I do.