Sunday, October 19, 2014

Notes for "What is to get it" Online Video


  1. Gravity is the natural energy, which means we should strive to confirm our actions to that.  We normally move horizontally which is not conforming, so we get tired.
  2. We are naturally afraid of falling, but animals are not.
  3. We didn't come from earth. We want to go back up to heaven.
  4. We normally use energy that comes from food. We don't tap into our natural energy.
  5. People who meditate eat very little, and don't eat meat. They want to train that natural energy.
  6. Babies hear everything in the womb, but after they are born, they make connections to those sounds. When the connections are made incorrectly, they have trouble when they grow up (mentally). We can live with most of these connections made correctly, and can tolerate not being 100% correct.
  7. You have to trust your teacher. There is a risk, which is what if the teacher doesn't know. Well, since you don't know, you can't really tell if one knows or not. My thought: If you know what you are looking for, you really know already, then you don't need to learn from the teacher.

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