Sunday, December 9, 2018

Create a lever in the leg

Recently, I had a dream where I used my thigh to push down the opponent at his thigh. Shifu came over and mentioned something that I didn't quite understand. I then practiced that move with another student named Benz, and I got that move in the dream. When I woke up, I realized that I learned something.

What I learned was about making two contact points with the opponent's leg with my leg. In order to have power on one contact point, I must make sure that the other point does not move. The two contact points must be made on the opposite sides of the opponent's leg. This is how to create a lever in my leg.

Another important note is that I must set up the two contact points without the opponent's notice, this translates to not pushing the opponent during the setup, and wrapping my leg around the opponent's leg like a snake.

Either point A or B in the diagram can be used as the fixed point based on the situation. Examples of options in application:
  1. Use point A as the fixed point, stretch point B respective to point A.
  2. Use point B as the fixed point, stretch point A respective to point B.
  3. Use point C (a point on the line between point A and B) as the fixed point, move A and B in equal size but opposite directions.
  4. Use point A as the fixed point, stretch my hand on the opponent's front with respective to point A.
  5. Use point B as the fixed point, stretch my other hand on the opponent's back with respective to point B.
4) and 5) can cause opponent to fall backward or forward respectively by creating scissors' action. These options can be used alternately through switching making the opponent unable to adapt as the contact points are already set up, and without movement, the moving and non-moving points can be switched.

In fact, Shifu has demonstrated this move many times. I just realized the importance, and how it can be used to collapse the opponent's structure.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

What is fajin?

Master Chen has stated before fajin is doing an action fast. How do we do an action fast?

Physical examples:
  1. Shooting with bow and arrow. Release the arrow to reach the target. Most of the effort is in pulling the bow, and maintain the integrity of the pull, and aiming at the right place.
  2. Exploding like a bomb. We build a very strong shell for the bomb, and keep expanding the inside until the shell can’t hold it anymore.
  3. Snapping the finger. The strong the initial holdback of the finger, the louder the sound. 
Note that in all the above examples, it involves two opposing forces going against each other the best that they case, and then there is the release, which is something that happens on top of the setup.

Recently, I had a couple of experiences:
  1. I locked the outside (hands and feet), twisted up my inside by opening my joints. Neighbouring joints opened in opposite directions. I then locked the inside, and let go of the outside. The potential energy that was built up inside was therefore allowed to be released out. This approach was an expression of separation of yin and yang (Lock the outside, move the inside; Lock the inside, move the outside).
  2. My opponent caught me between his right arm and right thigh. He swung his right arm around trying to knock me over. He put quite a bit of power on me. I tried to lock my centre by stretching vertically and redirect his power back to him. He was like bouncing off a wall, fell backwards and took a couple of steps, and ended up sitting on the ground.
For the first experience, I did work to build up some energy and release it, whereas for the second one, the energy originally came from the opponent, and was sent back to him.