Friday, April 4, 2014

Notes for How To Move Without Losing Power Online Video

This video showed clearly what it meant by losing power while doing the circle. Master Chen Zhonghua demonstrated it to each of the students in the workshop. For people who haven’t had the chance to attend any of his workshops, this is how one gets the hands-on transmission of taiji.

  1. 0:52 - In order for the gears to work, each gear (disk with teeth) must be made of the same material, i.e. one cannot be made of steel, while another is made of cotton or other softer material.
  2. 3:10 - There is no slack as the opponent pushes or put force on you. In other words, there is no free move. You must carry the force, e.g. if you are moving a box of china from the table to the floor, you must carry the weight the whole time during the transfer.  This just reminds me of another lesson from Master Chen Zhonghua, who said Grandmaster Hong Junsheng said one must do yilu like carrying a 5-lb ball all the time without dropping it.
  3. 7:30 - The problem is when you are loose, the opponent attacks you; when you are strong, you can't move. What we want is when you are strong, you can still move. "Strong" is the peng energy.
  4. 16:28 - The power is in all the joints.
  5. 17:00 - Yin and Yang are distinguished while you have action.

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