Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yilu Observations

One of the things I focus on recently is whether I am backloading on my rear foot in stances such as single whip (left side forward) and six sealings four closings (right side forward). I noticed this morning that my right side forward stance was done better. The rear kua should be lower than the front kua. As I tried to adjust my left side forward stance, I found a way that I could fix my problem. When I stretched the part behind the knee along the back of the rear leg, it helped put my rear kua at the correct position. I remembered that Master Chen mentioned something liked that in how we should push the middle joint in a bi-folding door. By doing so, I also felt a stronger connection between the front hand and the rear foot. I realized when I kept reproducing that stretch feeling, my rear kua would be in the correct position. I also realized that this feeling was mine and only mine, it helped me to reproduce what I wanted according to the rules and restrictions. Others, however, should not be looking for it, and feeling is an abstract thing and difficult to describe, and can easily mislead people. Everyone should practice according to the rules and restrictions. As I do my 5 yilu per day routine, I can see how it will improve my yilu over time.

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