Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Master Chen's Challenge - 25 Yilus per day

In the last Toronto workshop (Sep 22-25, 2011), he told us to do 25 yilus per day. Since the Nov 12, 2011 competition is coming up, Allan, Nick and I agree to push ourselves to do yilus every day. We each set our own goals (# of yilus per day), we will see who completes the said goal by Nov 11, 2011.

25 yilus per day is quite far fetched for me at this point as it takes me about an hour to do 5 yilus. I can't find 5 hours to practice each day, and I am not physically fit enough to do that many at the moment, but I'll get there some day.

So far, since Sep 28, 2011, I have been doing 5 yilus per day. I hope that the daily routine adjustment can stay, and I can keep doing this as I know for certain that this will help me improve.

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