Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's the difference between Practical Method and other taijiquan or martial art? 实用拳法和其它拳的差别


  1. Master Chen when answering the question focused on Practical Method itself, and left it to the audience to do the comparison, as he couldn't represent the other art.
  2. Practical Method's core is rotation. Spiral and silk reeling is rotation plus distance.
  3. We can never do true rotation. It's impossible for us to do 360 degree rotation. We can perform a lever action. A lever action is a part of a rotation.
  4. Form training is to create levers in our bodies.
  5. Grandmaster Hong Junsheng has the 10-word saying "Out with hand no elbow, in with elbow no hand". Lin Ketong calls it 10-word mantra.
  6. This mantra actually describes the lever action.

  1. 陈中华老师解释了实用拳法的特点,跟其它拳种的比较留待观众自己作出。陈中华老师不能代表其它拳种说话。
  2. 实用拳法的核心东西是旋转。螺旋缠丝是旋转加距离。
  3. 我们不可能做真正的旋转,360度是不可能的。能做的是杠杆。杠杆是旋转的一部分。
  4. 套路练的是杠杆。
  5. 洪均生老师的十字诀是出手不出肘,收肘不收手。林克彤叫它十字真言。
  6. 十字诀就是形容杠杆的。

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