Monday, September 1, 2014

Notes for Two Lines and Stretch Online Video

  1. Develop two different channels/paths for the incoming and outgoing energies. That is separation of yin and yang, which must happen at the same time. It is not yin and yang when you have one path coming in and then one path going out. Two paths must exist at the same time.
  2. The two paths are developed by stretching outside of the arm at a time while keep the inside of the arm fixed, and vice versa.
  3. For a stretch to happen, there must be a fixed point. We first practice by keeping one point fixed, and another point moving. The non-moving and moving parts are yin and yang. We must eventually be able to stretch with any part of the body at any time. At higher level, two points can go in opposite direction on the same line. When you can stretch while your opponent is moving, it is said that you know how to fight.
  4. We don't necessarily need to train every part. Once we truly know how to do it with one part, we will know how to do it for any other part.
  5. Grandmaster Chen Fake used to put his hands inside his sleeves and continuously practice the stretch of the fingers from the elbow. Master Chen Zhonghua demonstrated that when he stretched his fingers, his hand would come out of the sleeves by a little bit.

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