Thursday, February 28, 2013

Notes for Bruce Schaub Private 2012 Volume 2 Video

Notes for this video:
  1. There are two ways to handle an incoming force:
    1. Bring it to the ground and the rear foot becomes the fixed point.
    2. Build up the falcum, so that you do something from the rear side of the falcum.
  2. When the opponent moves my arm, there is a point that will pass his back. I just need to wait for that point, and shoot towards it when the passing happens. It's just like I hold up a rifle and aim at a spot, then wait for the object to appear.
  3. We need to know the point to shoot at, and we need to be able to shoot with any part of our body.
  4. We cannot learn once we are told the answers right away. Once the answer is told, our minds are satisfied and would like to know what's next.

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