Friday, May 21, 2010

First private class with Master Chen

I just had my first private class with Master Chen.

How to imagine the circle without moving the hand:
  • For the first half of the circle, energy travels from the outside of the right foot along the outside of the leg, the back, the outside of the arm, the pinky to the tip of the middle finger. For the 2nd half of the circle, energy travels from the tip of the middle finger, to the thumb, along the inside of the arm, the chest, the inside of the leg, and then to the inside of the foot.
How to find the exact opposite point to create a stretch:
Example 1
  • Hold up the arm like normal when starting the positive circle.
  • Don't move the hand or the arm.
  • Keep the shoulder down.
  • Cave in the chest
Example 2
  • If your opponent is pushing in one direction, stretch in that same direction
  • This is yin yang separation.
  • It is important to keep the base (the lower part of the body from waist down) solid. Keep it front downloaded.
  • Stretch the upper body. This creates the illusion of being long (from the right hand to the left leg).
How to move the chest muscle down and backwards.
  • While moving the chest muscle down and backwards, the spine does not displace, but it may stretch vertically.
How to tuck the buttock towards the heel.
  • The purpose is to redirect the incoming energy to the ground.
  • Point the buttock farthest away from your opponent to the front heel.

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