Friday, April 9, 2010

Taiji Fighting Strategy

This video resembled what Master Chen showed me on the first day of class about keeping your intention, and not getting distracted during a fight. It takes training and experience to achieve that relaxed state of mind. I have briefly experienced how advantages it can be against your opponent if you are more relaxed than him/her. However to me, experience and knowledge are needed to achieve relaxation. It's natural to tense up if you are nervous. It's difficult or rather impossible at this point to me to be truly relaxed during an engagement with an opponent. It may seem like a chicken and an egg problem here. If you are more relaxed, you are better than him. If you know that you are better than him, you can be more relaxed. However, a chicken and an egg problem is exactly like a circle, with no beginning nor end. You don't know when it will start to happen. When it happens, it happens.

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