Friday, March 5, 2021

Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Mar 5, 2021

Hold a rod not by grabing it with the whole palm, but split the span into two dots. One dot on the index finger underneath the rod acts as the pivot, and another one at the root of the palm placed above the rod acts as the balancing arm.  We can tilt the rod the other end of the rod this way without lifting the rod itself.

This is what allows the power to go along the rod to the other end, and it is said to go over.

During push hands, we must hold the two sides of the opponent, and such two dots must have some distance between them so that we can create a lever. The shorter the distance, the easier to control, but less power.  The longer the distance, the harder to control, but more power.

The demonstration on locking the two ends of a rubber cord, and hold two points in the middle, and push in opposite directions but perpendicular to the stretched cord, and is the same idea of holding the two sides of a rod.

My left shoulder needs to open up more. It is at a lower stage relative to my right shoulder. My experience has been the left side of my body is about 2 years behind the right side.

Put my torso inside a vertical cylindrical shell, so my shoulder can't go outside.

Master Chen said even if we were to take random pictures of Hong when he was doing yilu, 95% of the pictures would be good in terms of structure integrity. This speaks of the high precision of his moves, and this is what means to be always ready.  We normally have to get into a "mode", and we have to work hard to get into a good posture for a photo.

To me, this means Hong's yilu was made of many, many good postures, and in other words, he connected many good photos together to make a good movie.

Back to the same exercie of rotating the torso to cause the front arm (as a rod) out. First, the front fist is caused by the front shoulder movement, then we should connect the fist to the dantian, and later to the foot.

Imagine that we are unwinding a fire hose from a wheel and feed it through a pipe/tunnel, this is how thread something from behind and the power comes from converting a rotation to a linear move.

Imagine that we are winding up the reel on a fishing rod, the fishing line will come in along the fishing rod.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb. 26, 2021

During training (when we are not yet successful), we use extra effort and focus to get it. It is tiring.

Once you are successful, the body gets used to it and will not be tiring anymore. The hair has been combed. The effort has gone through a filter.

Exercise: Use rotation to move a rod (front arm) through a tube.

  • Issue: My front shoulder is still going forward towards the fist.
  • We must put the torso inside a cylinder, such as someone wraps his arms around me.
  • The front armpit needs to be tied to the rear foot.
  • The front armpit is fixed, and the front shoulder is moving.
  • The non-moving part must be bigger than the moving part.
  • At all time, there is something outside the fist and rear shoulder pressing in. The motion will cause a breakout.
  • Push the front shoulder into the line between the front fist and rear shoulder.
  • The front shoulder has both vertical and horizontal intentions.
  • The Front shoulder joint is free, the rest of the body is very rigid.
  • Focus on the front shoulder. When we help someone, we often lose the focus or we never capture the focus.
  • Teaching: First direct the focus to the right place, such as by exaggerating the movement (even including the wrong movement (not the final way we want)). Once that is achieved, then funnel the large movement into the specific target, such as the front fist in this case.
At the end, the opponent is simply afraid of such power and will just go away by himself.

Sink - To pull down from underneath (Think how a heavy object sinks into water)

Cai - Peng is 0, Cai suddenly becomes 100. Differential is created.

Horse vs train competition. Although the horse wins that competition, at the end, it's the train that changed the world.  People didn't see the power of the train at first.

Bullet creates a hole in front of it to pull forward.

Jet engine pushs the air out so much and so fast as if it pushes a wall and bounces the plane forward (Newton 3rd law).

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb 25, 2021

This lesson is about staying on topic, and then categorization within a topic.

There are only 3 types of movements in Practical Method:

  1. Elbow-in (Pull)
  2. Hand-out (Push)
  3. Rotate
Overall, this is a positive circle, or we can say that it is negative circle.

Push and Pull - Straight 直 - Issue 发
Rotate - Curve 曲 - Neutralize 化

Grandmaster Hong used to put the movements on cards, and then categorize them into groups.

Rotation is the hardest because we don't usually do it in everyday life.

If push is yang and pull is ying, then rotate is non-moving.

Is 【你好】good morning or hello? If you are learning Chinese, then just remember when to say 【你好】, don't try to find a translated word only and still say it in the English way? So to speak, think in Chinese, and not in English.

During push hands, we are like a table/wall (non-moving object) ourselves, we make the opponent move. The opponent just bounces off of us.  This is a Practical Method characteristic.

Na 拿 - Chen Zhaokui - Chen Yu - Good for demo, difficult in combat
Hua 化 - Tian Xiuchen 田秀臣 - 田猴子 
Da 打 - Feng Zhiqiang (San Shou Pao, 24 Zhou), Effective for fighting
Fa 发- Hong Junsheng (Peng Jin) - Very peaceful, does not hurt anyone

Learning to use the kua.
  1. Bend down with a stiff torso to the top of the head, and a fixed kua to foot triangle.
  2. When opening the kua, the power goes to the top of the head and the bogttom of the front foot. 
  3. This is only an exercise, this is not for fighting.
He taught how to stiffen the neck (erected neck). Similarly, we must take out the curvature at the lower back. This opens up the Du meridian. Dragon back. This is silk reeling. Open up the back. We need to make the back flexible. This is the primal energy.

Chen Changxing - Mr. Stone Tablet 牌位先生

A different kind of categorization of movements:
  1. Open
  2. Rotate
  3. Don't move

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb. 24, 2021

The axis in real usage exists only functionally. 滚珠轴承 Ball Bearing.

We create a shell (restriction) on the outside, then the axis inside must exist, but you can't touch it unlike a real rod in a globe.

割 - The blade itself does not move.  Moving the rotation saw into the wood to be cut.

How to write an article?

Have a topic/title, write the outline, then fill in the details. After the article is written, even without reading the title, the reader must know what that topic/title is.

3 actions of Six Sealing Four Closing:
  1. Move the front hand out
  2. Move the rear shoulder back
  3. Elbow perpendicularly towards the line between front hand and rear shoulder

3 actions of Positive Circle
  1. Elbow-in
  2. Rotate
  3. Hand out
Each of these actions is perpendicular to something.

We need to make the opponent double heavy using parallel opening.  At that point, we are full.

Yin and yang are orthogonal to each other (90 degrees).

Achieve stability through movements. Rotation leads to non-movement.

Open Kua -> Rotate -> Don't move

Find a referenced fixed point

Every move has movement and adaption.

When something is moved, there is no active action by it.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb. 22, 2021

Key things, e.g.

  1. Forward is to push.
  2. Backward is to pull.
  3. Middle is to rotate.
  4. Separation of yin and yang

We must remember the key things even if we don't understand it.

When we see "Fill in the blanks", even if we don't know the answer, we must fill in the key things. It won't be wrong overall.

There is a gap in between. It's can be too large or too small. Just right, it must have that "ke-cha".

We must remain a student as long as possible.

Even when we are instructors, in term sof time spent, we must spend more time as a student learning than as a teacher teaching.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb. 19, 2021

Chinese Class

Shoulder and kua must be open to be able to find a relationship.

Yin-yang is a relationship. We train to seek such relationship in different body parts.

Going straight is to hit (打).
Rotation is to avoid/neutralize (化).

open (开) | <- style="color: black; font-family: "Times New Roman"; font-size: medium;">|, To open is to parellel open (increase the distance between two plates). What we can actually do in the joint is very small. Big joint, max 3 inches. Small joint, max 1 mm.

<- style="color: black; font-family: "Times New Roman"; font-size: medium;">Applying this concept of open in our actions, let's take fetch water as an example, the opening of the front should be like this. There are two plates at the end of the front hand and rear shoulder. We have to create a parallel opening at the front kua.

Oval object rotation: There is no constant radius. X axis is long, Y axis is short. In this case, rotation creates length. This is mutation (变异).

A joint is not a sphere, rotating it is like rotating an oval.

Spiral is rotation with perpendicular movement.

Daoism is big science.  It has a big theory that won't change.

Vibration is an example of the parallel opening repeated very quickly.

沾衣十八跌 - 18 ways to fall by touching opponent's clothing

English Class

Client-server computing vs centralized computing
Confederation vs Centralized

憋过去: Opening a stuck jar lid.

Exercise: Hold up a straight arm. Front shoulder is the middle, pull the rear shoulder backward to power the arm forward.  Front and rear shoulders must be connected/related. This is an example of the oval object rotation. This is also rotating a lever. This is a different way of looking at the movement for a triangle with an invisible side.

He talked about the eight methods again.

There is only peng energy used in 8 different ways.

There is only offense in our taiji. If we talk about defense, we have already lost.  On the touch, the opponent should have lost already.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Master Air Vent Cover

I was training to go down without pushing forward. I used a chair with a high back. There are felts underneath each leg, so they wouldn't stretch the wood floor. They also provided some amount of friction. I noticed that just by going down, the chair would be passively squeezed forward. I made sure that my arms were not moving. Every time I finished going down, I had to adjust my feet to move closer to the chair. As the chair was squeezed forward, one of its legs got caught at the air vent cover, and couldn't move forward. The result was that the chair rotated around the stuck leg as the chair was further squeezed forward before. I was thrown out in response to the rotation. The feeling was indeed quite weird. Note that the movement causing myself to be thrown was not created by the air vent cover. All it did was maintaining not moving, and making one of the legs to get stuck.  This was real separation of yin and yang.